The Club of Vienna (CoV), presently comprising 20 ordinary and 4 extraordinary members, forms a union of recognised scientists and experts joining together to present syntheses of wide-ranging expertise on a broad variety of topics. The Presidency is held by Hermann Knoflacher, Peter Kotauczek, Günter Emberger, Gerhard Medicus

President and Presidency Members:

Hermann Knoflacher: Structural engineer, university professor and director of the Institute for Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology (Curriculum)
Peter Kotauczek
Günter Emberger
Gerhard Medicus

Founding President

Rupert Riedl


Hans P. Aubauer: Physicist, head of environmental physics at the Institute of Material Physics, University of Vienna
Christine Bauer-Jelinek
Mathias Binswanger: Political and environmental economist, professor of political economy at the technical college Solothurn-Nordwestschweiz, Olten, Switzerland
Elfriede-Maria Bonet
Rudolf Edlinger: Politician, former city councillor for public housing and urban renewal, retired Federal Minister for Finance, Member of Parliament
Ernst Gehmacher: Social scientist, former manager of IFES, social scientific consultant, director of the Office for the Organisation of Applied Social Research (BOAS)
Günter Emberger
Helmut Helsper: Lawyer, financial expert, official in German Ministry of Finance
Helmut Markus Knoflacher
Hermann Knoflacher

Peter Kotauczek: Businessman, IT expert, founder of BEKO Holding, professor of telecommunication
Bernd Lötsch
Dennis Meadows:
Management, environmental and economic scientist, director of the Institute for Policy and Social Science Research, University of New Hampshire
Gerhard Medicus
Werner Patzelt: Political scientist, professor at the Department of Political Science, Dresden University of Technology
Armin Reller
Gregor Schwarz:
General practitioner, specialising in system medicine (acupuncture, relaxation techniques, phytotherapy, oneirology), occupational medicine
Manfred Sliwka: Expert in business administration, company consultant, Vulkaneifel, Germany
Oskar Villani
Gerlind Weber: Regional planner, professor and director of the Institute of Regional Planning and Rural Development at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Vienna, President of the Ecosocial Forum Vienna (Curriculum)

Extraordinary members:

Harald Bollmann
Gerhard Medicus
Franz Kreuzer:
former chief editor and television director, retired Federal Minister for Health and Environmental Protection, journalist and politician
Wolfgang Kromp