The CLUB OF VIENNA aims to take up scientific findings, socio-politically relevant observations and economically and environmentally pertinent questions which have long-term significance for society, and to examine these as a whole. Priority is given to questions significant for the maintenance of the foundations of life, for human social life, and for the preservation of peace and long-term economic stability. Through the approaches of interdisciplinarity and evolution theory, it is aimed that a paradigmatic shift in economics, politics and society be introduced and investigated. The CoV wishes to counter the constraints of politics with research work which concedes politics primacy over economics.

Working Method of the Club of Vienna

  • Interdisciplinary scientific topics of social relevance are structured and investigated
  • A central theme addressed each year
  • Kick-off symposia organised
  • Extensive questionnaires on key issues carried out, results evaluated and consequences discussed
  • Cooperation with opinion poll institutes
  • Cooperation with universities and international specialist institutions

The three fields of activity

    The nature of evolutionary processes of development in society needs to be better understood.
    Practicable methods are developed with which these findings can be applied.
    Support is given to projects whose motivation, questions, methods and aims are in accordance with evolutionary processes

Current Topics of the Club of Vienna

  • Consequences of migration in Europe: opening of the east, transit, currents of traffic, economic consequences, social issues, culture; advantages and disadvantages
  • Participatory decision-making in democracy
  • Acceleration phenomena
  • Non-material indicators of prosperity
  • The new capitalism
  • Europe in the 21st century – two differing speeds?
  • Slaves and masters in information society
  • Sustainability as an investment principle